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In 1999, I found a most interesting design in one of the Dover coloring books. It looked as though it would be a nifty grid to use to create a quilt. I copied it onto clear plastic, borrowed an overhead projector, taped several pieces of freezer paper to the wall, and used a Sharpie to transfer the grid portion of the design to the freezer paper. Then I put in Storm at Sea blocks, and paper-foundation pieced them. I quilted the resulting piece with spirals, using hologram thread, took pics, and sent them in to try to enter the Houston show. I was so excited when the letter came, telling me the quilt was juried in to the show. I sent it off and made plans to visit my brother and his wife the end of October at their home in Rockport, TX. I had been visiting them every year since they moved to TX. Oddly enough, my visits always coincided with the show in Houston-- funny how that worked out. At any rate, I left for Rockport some time before the show and had a nice visit with Mike and Sandy, then headed for Houston and the show. I went to the Award Ceremony to get a chance to see the winners before the show opened. As I was admiring the quilts and slides, and watching the nicely-dressed winners walk down to the stage to receive their awards, I suddenly saw that the slide on the screen was my quilt! I leaped to my feet, and yelled something like "Yeehah!" and happy-danced down to the stage, any shreds of dignity I might have possessed lying in tatters on the stairs. Somewhere there's a picture of me accepting my award wearing black cotton pants, yellow socks, orange Birkenstocks, and a T-shirt my DSIL had given me that said "Mental Illness Takes a Toll--Please Have Exact Change" (I'm a Psychiatric/Mental Health RN). During the rest of the week, people would come up to me and say, "I remember you from the Award Ceremony." I had been gone from home early and missed the call that would have let me know I should dress up more, LOL. The picture above was taken at our local quilt show, where I had just found out my quilt won Best Of Show. Pat in Rockport, TX

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