Story Submitted by: angelinejovan

My father's 80th birthday was fast approaching and I was just learning to quilt. I had spent the last 6 months telling people I was "sewing", "learning to quilt". I was always too busy "quilting" to accept invitations, go out or socialize much. Time was coming I had to either put up or shut up, so to speak! I was on my second project from Ricky's book - Harmonic Convergence. The first one I did had to grow on me - I didn't like it much at first. Now I was doing one that seemed part "Caveman Quilting" and Harmonic Convergence. I had chosen a light and a dark blue - and they went together well. But were kinda bland. The day before my Dad's birthday - I was out of ideas. I wanted so to give him something beside a tie. Frantically I search through fabric - piles upon piles - looking for anything to make something else. Real fast.... Kona Bays fabric with flowers and koi keep coming up. I'd put the fabric down and it would turn up somewhere else. I walked away convinced I'd never figure it out. That I would have to tell and show people that I was a failure as a quilter. Came back in the room - a large breeze had blown open the windows and that d*mn koi fabric was back. But this time, my caveman/convergence blue quilt had falled off the wall and the koi were on top of it. It hit me - you know, how somethings seem so obvious but we can see it. Use these pesky koi! Turns out my Dad is a Pisces as well as a fisherman. This just might work! The quilt fell into place almost magically. The blue fabric represents the ocean and the two fish in the middle are the symbol Pisces. The little one on the outside is "the one that got away"!