Story Submitted by: PatternGridGal

I have always considered quilting a journey and have treasured the process to get to the finished product. Having 2 sons, I decided when they each graduated from high school, I would hand quilt a quilt for them using the school colors of red, black, and white. I'm a machine quilter and hand quilting for me was such a labor intensive process, it felt like I was giving birth to a quilt. Each quilt took 9 months to complete. When the 2nd son was approaching graduation, I was trying to sum up my feelings on having my youngest leave the nest and what it meant to have him as my son. A new chapter was beginning in my life too and when it came time to make a label a plain one wouldn't do and I knew I needed to document my feelings into this piece of fabric. I authored a poem for his label and would like to share it. As I stitch I am deep reflection, A boy I love has had so much dedication. Molded by strong values and love, A gift to us from up above. As you move on to pursue your dreams, I pray God will guide you through each scene. But, my son as you fly away, Your Mother's love will always stay.