Give your next quilting project a pop with colorful dots from the Felicity collection by P&B Textiles.

This charming new line works equally well in both contemporary and traditional quilts, and is sure to bring a bit of bounce to your next creation.

We used Felicity to make our quilting "grab-and-go" tech bag. At a finished size of 9" x 6" x 2", the bag is roomy enough for scissors, several spools of thread, and other small stitching items.






4710_color101class3.pngJoin Michelle in Lesson 3 to determine what cool and warm colors are, and how they act when playing with others. 

Michelle includes templates to download for practicing your new skills. 


Don't pay extra for classes.  This class, and new teachers all year, are included in your Star membership.  There are extra shows and a discount now.









LabelMany times at quilt shows, you'll see antique quilts made by the ever-popular, "unknown quiltmaker."  (Maybe I'll change my name and lay claim to all those quilts.)  TQS doesn't want this to happen to you. TQS Member and award-winning quiltmaker, Margo, has created a fabulous tutorial on how create a quilt label using your printer, some fabric, and some freezer paper. As she notes, "It will probably take you longer to read these instructions than it will take to make a label..." 

Simply click here or on the PROJECTS tab in the navigation bar to discover how simple it is to create a label for your award-winning quilt.




Hello Quilt campers!  If you are like most quilters, your ironing board cover is probably a mess.  Gunk from adhesives and staining have taken its toll.  Why not make a new and fun cover that will make ironing less of a chore.  Give your ironing board a make-over with Lisa Lam's (U-Handbag) easy instructions.  Visit our Projects page for the directions here.

Be sure to check out each week's project on our Projects page here.   Share your creative versions of any of our projects in Show and Tell here.




2901_zakkaowl.jpg  2901_owlheard.jpg

Welcome back quilt campers.  This week's project comes to us from Alexandra Rasmussen at Moonstitches.  This one is a little bit of a challenge; but we know you are up to it..  There is no actual pattern, but the directions are very straightforward.  So you will have to put your thinking cap on.  Whether you make one or a whole flock, these Zakka owls are sure to be a hit in your studio or home.   For directions visit our Projects page here

Be sure to check out each week's project on our Projects page here.   Share your creative versions of any of our projects in Show and Tell here.  Happy stitching!



In this tutorial we cover

  1. How to make a video larger
  2. How to use the remote control provided with the shows
  3. What is an After Set?



In this tutorial we show how to upload your pictures onto the site.  (This assumes you know how to get a picture from your camera onto the computer.) Your pictures are an important part of the sharing on the site.  Watch the tutorial and then give it a try.



Click here for a lesson on using Show & Tell. Show & Tell gives everyone a place to share and learn and be inspired. But how do you find the BOM pictures? How to find the rest of the Show & Tell? Here's how.


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