Lee from Freshly Pieced is sharing her first tutorial for We All Sew. In it she shows you how to make and attach a quilt hanging sleeve to the back of a quilt with almost no hand-stitching. (Almost!) That got your attention, didn’t it?

You’ll need a few different presser feet for this technique:

  • Walking foot, such as BERNINA Walking Foot #50 with the edgestitch sole attached, or a sewing machine with Dual Feed and an all-purpose foot (such as BERNINA Reverse Pattern Foot #1D)
  • Blindhem foot, such as BERNINA Blindstitch Foot #5, which is a standard accessory with many sewing machines. Check your sewing machine guide to see if your machine has one, and which stitch is the blind stitch or blind hem stitch.

Lee's tutorial is based on this excellent video by Felisa Quilts. But since the video is captioned in Japanese and all the measurements are in centimeters, WeAllSew asked her to break it down in English and inches. Check out the video anyway, to further illustrate how this works!

This tutorial is for a 4″ hanging sleeve; it's a bit larger than the one shown in the video, but it is standard for many shows here in the U.S.

Click here to go to tutorial.