Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Now that you have all of your small UFO's from 2014 completed, it's time to decide how you want to approach the finish and display of your pieces.  Ok, maybe you have 1/3 of the UFO's completed.  Well, we have done our homework and gathered a few options for finishing, hanging and displaying your creations.  Who knows seeing these creative ideas just might spur you on.

Binding and Finishing Ideas:

Mitered Binding with Ricky (Episode 310)

Binding techniques with Alex (Episode 211)

Scalloped edge binding with Alex ( Episode 413)

Rat tail binding with Carol Ann Waugh (Episode 1011)

Scalloped flange binding with Ricky (Episode 1401)

Fused edge binding with Laura Wasilowski (Episode 1009)


Hanging and Display Ideas:

Hanging a mini quilt tutorial  from Stitched in Color

Clever ways to hang your mini quilt with Ami Simms (Episode 712)

Create a tabletop book with Laura Cater-Woods (Episode 613)