I didn’t grow up in a tropical environment. I grew up in North Texas, where Christmas can be sunny and warm or it can be icy and cold, depending on how far Jack Frost has decided to travel for Christmas. The magic of a “White Christmas” was something that we would dream about and hope for in the week or two before the big day. Only a few times in my childhood did we have snow on Christmas day but when we did, it was a real treat!

Now I live in Colorado, where there is a far better chance of a snowy white Christmas, but still it’s never assured. When I think of images that represent Christmas, I think of candlelight Christmas services, decorated trees, the bright faces of children waiting for Santa Claus. I think of the decorations on Main Street and the houses in the neighborhoods bedecked with festive lights. Even so, I chose this photo to share. I took it about three years ago. It’s the barn across the street from our house in La Veta. To me it represents peace, family, friendship, and of course…. the hope for a White Christmas.