ABC Television network’s CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP series recently shot a segment at ArtQuilt Gallery·NYC and The City Quilter in New York.

In this sequence, the out-of-town mother, Emily Zoltan (wife of Penn, of Penn & Teller) is trying to interest her temporarily-adopted Manhattan family's mother, comedian Judy Gold and her sons, age 12 & 17, in the arts. The producers were looking for a small-scale arts setting that might possibly engage the sports-loving boys and mother. They showed them around ArtQuilt Gallery·NYC and then The City Quilter, where they immediately encountered the BERNINA sewing machine display.  The boys loved using machines for the first time, and enjoyed sewing-out their names with the built-in alphabets. In fact, they didn’t want to stop.

The program containing this premieres on ABC this Tuesday, July 1 at 10pm EST

This show will be available for streaming after the network premiere.

This photo was taken during production, with the two mothers to the left & Cathy in the middle, as she works with one of the sons.