The purpose of the "Mito Quilts of Hope" Project is twofold:  to raise public awareness of Mitochondrial Disease by educating quilters and to have them make and donate quilts to patients.
Mitochondrial Disease includes a group of neuromuscular diseases caused by damage to intracellular structures that produce energy (the mitochondria); disease symptoms usually involve muscle contractions that are weak or spontaneous.
The project was conceived by Christine Knox, who has Mito herself, and who wanted to do something to help raise awareness of the disease.
Christine is now putting what energy she has towards her Mito Quilts of Hope project, which raises awareness and provides support by sending handmade quilts to others with mitochondrial disease. Every stitch will give hope for finding a treatment and eventually a cure for this disease, while bringing warmth to someone who is very ill. It is her goal to give a quilt to every person diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease in Canada and the US within 5 years.
Christine Knox — Image Credit: Daniel Palmer/News Staff