Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Lynette Anderson has cultivated a worldwide following unparalleled by any other designer in the quilting industry. Whether you are a lover of embellishing, stitchery, patchwork design, quilting fabric, or a bit of everything rolled into one, Lynette offers a complete package. From her rural upbringing in rural Dorset, England, Lynette has always loved the country life. She learned sewing, knitting, embroidery and painting at a very early age under the instruction of her mother, Ruth, and both her grandmothers. She stumbled into the craft of quilt making while searching for a creative outlet when her three boys were small. Her interest soon grew into a thriving career in teaching and pattern designing, and eventually to the launch of her own business, Lynette Anderson Designs, which she continued to grow after migrating with her family to Australia in 1990.

Since 1995, Lynette has published nine books, countless patterns, stitchery designs, handcrafted wooden buttons and 15 quilting fabric ranges, making Lynette Anderson Designs one of the most successful businesses in the quilt cottage industry. Lynette's designs are as vast as her imagination and always incorporate a touch of whimsy. Her sophisticated folk art design style is distinctive. Her unique blend of simple stitchery, appliqué´ and piecing in quilt design has struck a chord with embroiderers and quilters all over the world.

She begins the design process with hand drawings before being transferred onto computer to be finalized. The inspiration for her patterns and fabrics come from her childhood adventures, evening walks with her husband, Vince and dog Hugo in the rainforest near their current home, as well as everyday life. From a memory or a chance encounter, Lynette first draws out her ideas, often without an end product in mind. Sometimes a quilt will start with an idea for just one block. "I have always loved textiles... the feel and the smell of new fabrics combined with inspirational color combinations make my heart smile."

These days Lynette splits her time, working and designing from her home or her nearby studio and shop, which she aptly named "Little Quilt Store" nestled along the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Lynette enjoys traveling and lecturing around the world in the US, Japan, Canada, and throughout Europe. For more information visit www.lynetteandersondesigns.com.au or follow her blog at www.lynetteandersondesigns.typepad.com.

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