Good News from Libby's Family (9/30):

I am going to see Libby this afternoon after having been in Austin for a few days, but I couldn't wait to pass on this great report from Lester:

I was close by Libby following a meeting this morning and dropped in at University Place around 10:00 am.   Libby was being wheeled down the hallway by Amy, her speech therapist at UP.    When Libby got to her door, she used her feet to paddle herself in the room, stopped near her bed, stood up and got in bed, legs and all, completely on her own!  She failed to lock the wheels on her wheelchair which both Amy and I admonished her for not doing, but we were both elated to see what she had done.  A few minutes later Pia, her physical therapist, came in to take Libby to therapy.   Libby got out of bed completely on her own and stood up balancing against the bed for about a minute.   Then Pia moved the wheelchair close to Libby, and Libby turned around and sat down in the chair again completely on her own.  Pia and I were both clapping.  This is real progress!!!   Amy said that Libby had also done really well in her speech therapy this morning.   Praise the Lord!!!     Lester

What a wonderful report!  I can't wait to see Libby and to congratulate her!

Cathy Arnold





Method One - Win Libby's Wall Hanging and Help Libby Lehman!

100% of Proceeds Go Directly to the Libby Lehman Medical Fund.

Enter to Win & Contribute:

1. Click "Enter to Win" below to get the registration form. Print out the form, fill it out, include a donation, and mail everything to the TQS office: TQS/Libby Lehman PMB 139, 1141 Catalina Drive, Livermore, CA 94550


2. Send a check, money order, or cashier's check in US Dollars made payable to "Libby Lehman Medical Fund". Your contribution (no matter how large or small- no contribution necessary to enter, but you will still need to complete the contest entry form.) will enter you in the drawing for the chance to win Libby's quilt. Naturally, our goal is to make a sizable donation to the fund. The amount you wish to send is up to you. We encourage you to be generous - $25, $50, $100, $500 or more. 

To make it easier to contribute (very helpful to International viewers) a Paypal account has been added. The PayPal email account is: 


Please fill out the contest entry for Libby's quilt and just say you paid through Paypal.  We want you to be in the running for the quilt.

3. All entries received on or before October 10, 2014 will be eligible.  The drawing will be Monday, October 13th. The winner will be contacted and must respond in one week (October 20, 2014) or another name will be drawn.  Once the winner has responded it will be announced on the site.

Thank you so much for participating in this important effort. 

Method Two - Raise Funds With YOUR Quilts

Do you have a quilt in your stash that you are willing to sell on Libby's behalf? If so, sell it or raffle it and send the money directly to the Medical Fund at the address below along with a picture of the quilt. This will mean so much to both Libby and her family.There is no immediate deadline for doing this.  The Lehman family will need assistance for a long time ahead.

Please make checks, money orders, and cashier's checks in US Dollars payable to "Libby Lehman Medical Fund" and send them directly to Libby's sister:

Cathy Arnold
2220 Stanmore

Houston, TX 77019

Method Three- Just GIVE!

Follow Libby's progress at www.caringbridge.org/visit/libbylehman and give whenever you can.

The following is from Libby's family: 

            "If you have been keeping up with Libby's recovery from a burst aneurysm and stroke on-line at CaringBridge.org/visit/libbylehman, you know that Libby is getting better every day despite some very significant setbacks. Her will to live and to recover to the highest level she can have just sky-rocketed in the past few weeks! She is now begging for as much therapy (physical, speech and occupational) as possible. This is great news!

The Libby Lehman Medical Fund supported by so many of you has been an incredible godsend, and has enabled TEAM LIBBY to provide Libby with the best medical care and therapy possible. Unfortunately the Fund will be depleted in a few weeks, and the vast majority of her medical/therapy expenses are not covered by insurance.

I am asking you to please remember Libby in your Holiday giving (or sooner!) by sending a check payable to The Libby Lehman Medical Fund to:

Libby Lehman
c/o Cathy Arnold (Libby's sister)
2220 Stanmore Dr.
Houston, Texas 77019

The Quilting Community is the most generous and kind Family that we have ever witnessed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!