We are hard at work making the new website the best that it can be and we'd like your help in testing some of the latest HD video technology.

We are opening up Episode 1412: "I Can't Believe It's Pieced!" with Cynthia England and Wendy Mamattah to everyone and we'd like you to watch and see what you think of the video quality.

The show will default to be in HD quality. Increase the size to Full Screen by the 4-arrow icon in the bottom right of the player. If HD is too high a quality and slows down your streaming, then just click the "HD" symbol and it will go back to standard video quality and stream faster. Remember, if you have slow internet, you can start the video, pause it, and then get a glass of water and allow it to buffer in. Then it should play with less pausing. 

Please let us know what you think in the comments section.