No, not The Quilt Show (we're moving ahead, steady as she goes) It's YOUR show and it needs to go ON the website for everyone to know about! Look and you'll see that we now have EVENTS in the menu bar. It is the link for you to post all quilt shows, events and activities. Is your guild having a show? Are you affilated with the county or state fair? We encourage you to make sure that your favorite event is listed here.

When you post an event here, World Quilt Community members will be able to find it. Just imagine, you are planning a trip to Florida in March. You select Events or Search in the Menu Bar - select Find An Show/Event and do a search for Shows that will be held in March in Florida. - Wow! You can make plans to attend an event you might not otherwise even known about.

But what if there are shows and you dont' find them on our site? Well, that is because nobody posted it. You can post upcoming events even if they are way out in the future. We hope you'll enjoy and apprecaite this fetaure and that you'll take adavanate of this new feature and get your event or show listed right away.