The first 24 hours of using the forum has been a HUGE success. So much information is being passed around! As you continue to use the Forum, please follow these two simple guidelines.

1. Please don't advertise your business or online business. We don't mind you posting your website or mentioning your business in your profile then directing folks to check out your profile page. I think you'll agree the Forum will feel less commercial if members are more subtle in their approach. If you have photo images posted on a site like WebShots - that's fine, we just ask that you respect the entire community by not 'trolling' for business. Thanks for understanding. All in all, please just use good sense and respect the non-commercial aspect of the Forum, Blog and Chat.

2. Please try to create topics in the category that is most appropriate for them. If there is not a good place, then use the Suggest a New Category area and if enough interest is generated - we'll give it a separate place.