Hey World Quilt Community Members! Your forum is LIVE! We are considering these first few days a 'test' mode to see if there are any technical issues with it. Web Guru Bob has fully integrated the forum into our site so that it accesses your profile information and enables you to utilize the menu bar to navigate to other features on the website.

If you are not familiar with forums or message boards, just browse around, click on a topic to read posts, add a topic of your own that relates to that main category, and DON'T FORGET TO HIT "SUBMIT". You can type a great post, but if you don't SUBMIT it, it won't post.

There is etiquette for posting. Do not post adverts for your business. The forum is not an appropriate place to do so. It is a place to share ideas, comment on issues, ask questions and get advice from others. Please remember, the advice and comments posted on the forum are not necessarily the views and opinions of The Quilt Show. Additionally, the advice posted can be good advice or 'bad' advice - you'll have to decide for yourself. The Quilt Show is not liable for any 'bad' advice you may receive.

We also ask for now that you don't use Tech Support to learn HOW to use the forum. We need you to contact Tech Support for issues where your forum feature is not working.


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