We have secured the new Chat feature and are in the process of making sure it is integrated with our site. We didn’t want to establish a system that we would outgrow in a few months, so we were careful to do the proper research. I anticipate that it will only be a matter of a day or two more before we can launch, but that is not a promies. Technical aspects could creep in, and we can’t launch Chat until it is right.

Also - very shortly you’ll see a change in the blog location. Currently, when you log on, you stay on the main page with all the join info. When we integrate the Blog in our site, you will log on and immediatly get the latest news. As long as you are logged on, you won’t be seeing all the main home page elements that are designed for visitors, not members.

Technically, we’ve had very few problems. We are now over 3000 strong and only a handfull of members have struggled. We wish there were no problems at all, but that is unrealistic. The combinations of computers, platforms, and servers can create gremlins that are inexplicable. If you are experiencing any difficulties at all, we need to know. First check the FAQ s, then, if a problem persists, use the Contact link and let us know.