The sights, sounds, designs, and people are amazing.  We are anxious to get our pictures together and share it all with you.  We won't rival Pam Holland, but I'm sure you will love seeing Africa with us. 

We were within 100 feet of this, happily, uninterested King.




In Kenya today we went to the Out of Africa lady's home (Karen Blixen and no, Robert Redford wasn't there), then it was off to the Kazuri Bead factory. At this incredible factory women have a place of refuge where they can become self sufficent and safe.  We had lunch  AND then off to a Giraffe Sanctuary. We got to see these beautiful creatures up close and personal - I could have kissed her, but I opted to stay friends (the guys opted for a kiss).




3439_p1100966.jpgWe are having fun in Florida with a great group of quilters because we always follow the local laws!



We had a friend drop into the yard to say goodbye.  It's a little early but we appreciate the thought.



I can remember 4 years ago at one minute past the strike of midnight I received a call from Mr. Tims asking if I would like to combine forces in a joint venture.....TQS to be exact. Not exactly knowing what we were unleashing - the idea sounded like a GREAT PLAN. The next morning - Jan 1st to be exact, I was first up and attending to my morning chores which included building the fire. All day, I tended that fire and was delighted when the flame was just perfect. As the day went on I discovered an odd item embedded in a log - a horseshoe.

I pulled it from the burning log (very carefully) and kind of took it as an interesting omen. I knew that there would be ups and downs with this journey - but the horseshoe would stand as a reminder that all would be well. So here we are- celebrating our baby on her 4th birthday - with YOU. We know, and I say this boldly, that the heartbeat of TQS is YOU and for that we say thank you and look forward to our continued journey together!




At the Anderson house hold there were some crazy funny and highly unusual gifts this Christmas - do you care to share?



Santa got it spot on this year for John and myself - forget the shiny red car, Wii or a pony with a braided tail - Santa just dropped into our mail box our Passport with our visa signed, sealed and delivered from the Consulate of Kenya in DC - YIPEEEEEE. What is the most unusual (and appreciated) gift you have ever received?



Recently I have just been creativily "stopped" - It is amazing how much time a person can spend on facebook LOL!  I called my good friend Jean Wells and asked how do I get started back up again....and with a small assignment she handed me back my creative key - Thanks Jean! Has this ever happen to you and what did you do to get over that ugly hump?





The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative - December Quilt Auction is ready and willing and able to supply you with a Priority Quilt through December 10.  That's tomorrow night!  Head on over to the AAQI and bid on some simply amazing quilts donated to support the cause.  While Ricky, Alex, and Ami all have quilts in the auction, there are many other wonderful quilts as well.  Here are just a few examples from Susan Cleveland, Lisa Ellis, and Marge Phillips.

Click here to head over to the auction, every penny fights this horrible disease.

Update - Ricky is currently in the lead, followed by Alex and Ami!

And, don't forget to show us your Priority Quilt in the Show & Tell area.



Alex says, "Great Holiday Gifts for a Great Cause!!!"

3329_ricky_tims.jpg                              3329_alex_anderson_quilt.jpg                      3329_ami_simms.jpg

3329_bid_ricky_small_0.png                       3329_bid_alex_0.png                       3329_bid_ami_small_0.png         


.....and the good news is that I DID finish my panel  on my big girl Bernina and returned it right before Houston -


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