Once a year I get the delicious pleasure to "escape" with two of my closest quilting buddies. We head up the hills to a hidden jewel of a location right outside Yosemite to quilt, quilt and quilt! Our first year it was for 3 nights - now it has grown to a week, tempting us for a month! We call it the summit because what happens there stays there - kind of like Las Vegas (LOL). I am sure you too have quiltie rituals - we would love to hear about it! As for myself - bags are packed and ready to go!!!!



There are so many great books out there to enjoy, both quiltie related and non quilte related. Recently I received a preview issue of Clare O'Donohues latest Someday Quilts mystery, The Devil's Puzzle.  It is not on the shelves yet. A fun read! Currently I am working on House Rules by Jodi Piccult and I am almost finished. What next, what next, I wonder.....  Now I am seeking your advice - What was the last "I can't put it down" book that you have read?




I am always amazed at what gets my creative spirit going. Recently it has been the luster of dupioni silks - Though a little tricky to work with (copping more than a little attitude) it still continues to call my name - However, I am a fickle girl and can be persuaded in many directions - Do YOU have any other cool ideas to tempt and tease my creative jive? After all we have a three day weekend in the works!



I think I have found yet another type of fabric to obsess over..........Does my passion see no end?



Everyone knows that Alex loves using pins for accuracy when it comes to perfect piecing the in traditional quilting.  But did you know that this is also the case when it comes to her paper piecing?

In her book Paper Piecing, Alex says that pinning for accuracy is just as important to her as traditional piecing.  The only difference is that you are pinning through fabric and paper at the same time. 

To align seams when sewing paper-pieced units together, insert a pin no more than 1/8" away on each side of the seam.


When sewing a block, such as the Kaleidoscope block, more care needs to be taken:

3781_img_0784.jpg     3781_img_0785.jpg

  • Insert the first pin from the back of the one half of the block (exactly into the intersection).  Push the head of the pin firmly into both intersections.
  • While holding the first pin tightly in place vertically, put the second and third pins on each side of the intersection no more than 1/8" from the first pin. 
  • Let the first pin dangle loosely.  As you approach the intersection, remove the first pin at the last possible second, letting your sewing machine needle go into the same hole.



I'm just curious - do your quilts hang out on your walls or on the beds?



Although I am not known for my culinary skills (however I do get by) - I find my creative voice in setting the table - not slaving over the stove! The roses are from my garden, the bobeches with prisms were my grandma's and the eggs were made several years ago after being inspired by a Martha Stewart magazine (please take note that included hand blowing 8 dozen). This year we have lots of friends coming over from various aspects of our lives....even a TQS member (I can't tell you who to protect her identity) SurprisedAre you cooking today and where is your strength when it comes to holiday gatherings?



We are back from taping and having a good mail day-- Checks for the Red Cross,  the new issue of The Quilt Life magazine, and a new iPad2.

Am I going to love my iPad?  What do you like best about it?



WOW is all I can say - You guys are the best!!!!  I am waiting a few more days to receive checks from ALL OVER THE WORLD for the TQS Red Cross Japan relief Alex Anderson Quilt / Ricky Tims Retreat opportunity - at the end of the week we will announce the lucky winner - so far we have raised over $30,000.00!!!!! As Ricky would say - WOO-HOO!!!



Thursday was a fun time as great friends Wendy Grande and Susan Cleveland joined us in a Castle. 

There were magnificent designs and historical dresses, cookware, phonographs (if you're under 30 it's like an iPod but way heavier), period furniture and more from the 1850s+.  Here Wendy Grande gets ready for her demo in the solarium.  


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