John and I are wondering what are some of the best Grandparent names you have ever heard of???? Two inquiring minds NEED to know -



The Music is "Galadriel's Song" from Ricky's CD "Heart & Soul".




Alex gets a chance to visit with Caryl, one of the Stars of Stitched.  




Alex talks to one of the stars of the Stitched documentary, Hollis Chatelain.                        




Colorado University at Boulder will open soon and it was really sweet to see all the Fathers shopping with their daughters at Target when we went to get supplies. Taping on Day 4 was fun and inspiring.  Take a look.



I just opened this box of fabric and my heart sang out loud! Creativity in a box - that is what I think.....now, what to do, what to do.........................????



Periodically I sneak up to a coveted little hideaway just outside of Yosemite. It is where I get a TON of quilting accomplished. I was so excited because I was all set to have THREE delicious uninterrupted days at the quiting frame "LIFE IS GOOD"! You can imagine when I arrived and realized that the frame wasn't here anymore, the plan was quickly dashed.

Not one to sit around letting grass grow under my feet, it was time to deal with some things that have been bugging me forever - Starting with the bedroom furniture which is less than thrift shop quality. I purchased a small can of black paint and new pulls for the  bedside tables and dresser - voila - a wonderful new fresh look for the room! As an aside, the head board is a "shabby sheek" (tattered) Jinny Lind crib. Now I am planning my next trip up here - the guest bedroom is calling my name! I love it when lemons yield delicious lemonade.



Although I have converted a lot of my work to my Bernina - yesterday was the BEST because I got to put a quilt up on the frame. It is a silk piece that I can't wait to linger over with tiny stitches. The best tip of all? I paid Dianne Schweickert to machine baste it on her Gammill. Because of the nature of silk she used a small needle and viola - no holes in my precious silk. No doubt this is where you will find me this summer if you were to pop in and say "hi"!



Everyone is crowding around to see the new season of Quilt Shows coming your way this Summer and Fall. 

Although we are all about quilts - oh yes we are - I must admit that taping shows on location is thrilling for me. 

I just stumbled on this picture and was reminded of the extraordinary taping day at the U.S. Air Force Academy - and imagine this? We ran into a guy quilter - in uniform no less....The gals of Pine Needles in Iowa are very proud of this cadet (we even talked him into giving us a personal tour that you will see soon).




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