Unpacking carefully is important.  Sometimes there are gifts to be distributed.  One gift is for me and maybe I'll share the other.  Thank you to my Wisconsin friends who visited Omaha and brought the product of local artisans.

It was a great time in Omaha.  More on that after unpacking.



Captn John:  

We discovered this drawing by Alex Sladky (maiden name).  I asked when she made this and she didn't know, and we couldn't find it on the back.

                         Please remember it is always a good idea to date your art.

                         (And, as it turns out, even better to date the artist!).  




How quickly time flew with our precious Lev. As John drove us home I played Bubble Explode on my new toy ( iPad 3) to keep my mind off of leaving both her and her wonderful Mom and Dad.  In the midst of all the celebration I totally had forgotten this new quilt top of mine on the design wall. When  we got home I was reminded that it is only half finished.....Although I am super excited about it,  I am in a quandary as to the quilting design. I would love input from our TQS family.....




.....and tomorrow we will be sharing a complete slide presentation of our last three vacations - LOL




Alex talked with correspondent Beth Jensen.  Click the picture to read the article. 





Although I was born 55 miles away, I have never before been to Santa Fe.  We are taping 8 shows in this wonderful city in amazing locations.  Keep watching the blog as we will try to keep you updated.

This is the view from our hotel window.



The Super Seminar is in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. I am excited to visit this amazing area and leave my house at 3:30am.  We are flying out of San Jose, California and should be in New Orleans by 2:20pm.  Easy.

Well...not really.

Due to weather, delays, booked flights, cancelled flights, crew changes etc. it took over 30 hours of travel to arrive. I don't even want to do things I enjoy for 30 hours.

(If you are from Alabama, the FCC says you may not read the following paragraph.-Management)

I don't like telling other people how to live their lives, but if "Sleep overnight at the Bush Intl Airport in Houston" is on your bucket list, I would suggest moving "Skinny dipping with George Clooney" above it.  I will say that I found the rhythmic undulations of the mini-zamboni a delightful nighttime experience.

So check out the video while I get some sleep. (New Orleans is great and the people are wonderful.)

Music by Ricky Tims - Title: The Way Home from the CD Heart and Soul

Do you have a travel nightmare story too?


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