As you know Alex and John have headed to the Baltics on a ten day cruise. If you have ever traveled “over the pond” and especially from the west coast, you know the rule of thumb is to STAY UP until local bedtime. So, we hit public transportation with our friends and discovered the city of Rotterdam. First we met a young woman on the bus who cross stitched and embroidered her bag. She was incredibly “hip” and thrilled that we took notice of her bag. She pointed out that her mother had embroidered the duckies on the bag about 30 years ago. We also ran across a wood carver working on wooden shoes. He was very talented and his designs carved in the wood were very quilterly. The windmills were awesome and we were pleased to have discovered them right in the middle of town. After eleven hours of sleep, we took to the ship and met up with the other teachers who include Joen, Elly, Velda, Jane, Chris and myself. Today we taught at sea – tomorrow Oslo.