I just received this e letter from one of our first incredible guests and she so perfectly wrapped up the vision and voice of The Quilt Show. I asked her if I could post her note. I can't tell you who, but have fun guessing!


Dear XX

We had a terrific time...... Alex and
Ricky seem to have a wonderful chemistry as they "play off" each other
during the segments.

My husband went with me to the taping in CO. We both ended up in the
audience when we arrived and popped in to observe. I thought he'd die
when they put him in the front row (he's so shy). But he really got
into it and thoroughly enjoyed himself. We ended up staying for as many
tapings as we could before we had to fly out.

I loved the experience of working with both of them... On SQ, subjects
dealing with the spiritual, inspirational or of human
interest/situations were not allowed. Why would you sterilize quilting?
Quilters aren't like that..they put themselves and their spirit,
passions and emotions in their work. They stitch their tears, dreams
and joy in there too. We spend hours to months working on our
projects... and almost all of that time while our hands are working on
our quilts, our mind is off wandering and thinking about other things
more important than how we are constructing the quilt. I hope
Ricky/Alex do well with the show... it should prove to be very good
thing for our world of quilting.

All my best,


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