167_987721.jpgThis years class at Asilomar (www.emptyspoolsseminars.com) was a little off the beaten trail for me. Rather than tackle a subject matter (ie stars), I taught Independant Study. What that ment was that each student came with her own project in tow to work on. There were fifteen students in total with projects varied in many directions. Over the course of the five days we significantly bonded as a group and pushed through many challenges. It got me thinking about how fun learning is and that at ANY age we must all aspire to continue our education. It reminded me of a conversation I had with Ricky over the holidays. Pushed to learn Power Point, by the man himself, I was lamenting about "wasting" two days learning the program. He quickly (and kindly) stopped me in my tracks by saying, "you are never wasting time when learning". How true that is! At the end of the five days I asked my students to committ to what thery are going to learn in the near future and "just do it". What are YOU going to learn in the near future? Here is your chance to get it in writing! Kathy learned accuracy is key when working small scale.

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