126_144571.jpg As the first taping date rolls around the corner, I realized you probably don't know some of the really cool stuff about the folks working behind the scenes. You might think it is just Ricky and myself with a video camera, but "no way baby!" Let me give you a heads up of who's who. First off, you might have seen ARJJ on your credit card when you became a gold star member, it is our corporation name (Alex, Ricky, Justin and John). Right off the bat, we enlisted the talents of three outstanding webmasters, Paul, Bob and Seth, each with their own specialty. Regarding the World Quilt Community, Toi has joined us as News Editor.

Our first producer actually worked at HGTV as my boss! She left the network about a year before I did. Angel moved on to Turner broadcasting and currently is taking a new job at Cornell University. Angel coerced her friend Bev who has been in TV industry for decades to be co producer (www.berverlyprice.com). Bev was especially interested in the concept of internet TV and wanted the opportunity to work in broadband media (new stuff!). Beverly in turn talked Ryan into joining the team as key editor. Ryan just got back from working on the Super Bowl. From Boulder we welcome Day Light Productions and their crew who will wave the magic wand to bring our show to you.

Of course, we welcome all the quilters and industry leaders who are flying in from around the world to strut their stuff! It has been wonderful to watch how the professional quilting industry has embraced our vision, helping make our dream a reality.

Last but not least, it comes down to you! Without YOUR support and partnership, it would be in vain, right? The beauty of this internet TV venture is that we are not under the thumb of a network’s idea of who we are and what we want. We, the quilters control it! All in all, this couldn’t have happened at a better time. We at ARJJ are thrilled with how The Quilt Show is shaping up and are honored to serve our community. So, help us spread the word and let the New Day Begin!

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