Yesterday was fun and off the usual track. In 2009 I have been asked to be the featured quilter at the Mantica quilt show. Ordinarily I have to pass on these excellent opportunities, but in this case it worked out perfectly, they are 20 miles from my home and besides that we have been friends for over two decades. The guild likes to have the raffle quilt (excuse me, opportunity quilt) to be linked with the featured artist. Not having time to even complete current deadlines, I asked if I could just come up with the idea. Flash forward, this year at my retreat, Kris Spray offered her incredible talents to the project. Well, YES! How lucky can a person be to have Kris offer? In addition the guild has someone lined up to hand quilt it. I told Kris, the rule was that she had to be open with her thoughts and comments.

After pouring over books, we came up with an incredible antique quilt with a to die for applique border (Kris's hand applique is superb). We decided on the colors and went to the quilt shop. After MUCH deliberation with Pam who works there, we finally came up with the fabrics. Wouldn't you know it, the red we need was no longer there. SO, this is where you come in. Can anyone tell me the manufacturer of this fabric? Or has anyone seen it recently and if so where? I never thought a fabric would hold me hostage, but apparently it has!