All of us at The Quilt Show are saddened to learn of the horrible tragedy that occured today at Virginia Tech where 32 students and a gunman lost their lives in the deadliest shooting rampage in American history. We send our thoughts and our prayers to those who are directly affected by this horrible massacre. We offer this opportunity for our World Quilt Community Members to post their thoughts as we join together in helping each other during this time of national grief.


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QuiltFlix is one of the most unique and interesting quilting programs that
has been introduced in recent times. Debby Luttrell, owner of Stitchin'
Heaven (our newest Site Sponsor) in Quitman, TX is the originator of the idea and currently offers it
as an exclusive program. The idea came about because Debby is a fan of
watching movies while she sews. "Sewing and movies just go together. There
is nothing I enjoy more than spending a day in my sewing room piecing a
beautiful quilt and watching a good movie."

The concept behind QuiltFlix is that a quilt project will be coordinated
with a movie each month. For example, in the current offering "Somewhere in
Time" the project selected is made from a beautiful and romantic black/tan
toile. The movie is a classic starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour
and is one of Ricky's favorites! All QuiltFlix members will receive the
fabric and pattern for the quilt that is a Debby Luttrell original design as
well as a copy of the movie in DVD format.

QuiltFlix has two options: projects can be purchased one at a time or the
participant can join the QuiltFlix Club by paying a $25 up front fee,
receive a 20% discount on the projects each month, and be on an autoship
status which will guarantee a project. Most projects will be lap or twin in
size and cost under $100. April is QuiltFlix month and all who join before
April 30 will receive their membership absolutely free!

Three "movie passes" are allowed each year. This provides for the
participant to not receive a movie if they don't care for the offering or
they just want to pass on it. Past projects are available on a limited
basis and can be purchased at the discounted price for members.
Information can be found on the website at www.stitchinheaven.com/quiltflix
- or just click their banner to the left of this blog post.

Wow! It took less than 24 hours to fill all seats for both the June and August tapings. Thank you for your support and for those who wanted to be in attendance, don't fret as we have more planned. Keep an eye out on the blog for those dates.



It's that time again. Time to reserve your tickets for the next TWO sets of tapings. Here are the dates. guidelines and policies for requesting tickets. Those of you interested in flying should consider coming into Colorado Springs - 1:45 minutes from La Veta (Denver is 3 hours away). Lodging in La Veta is limited, but Walsenbug, 15 minutes away has several hotels. Pueblo, Trinidad, and Alamosa are larger cities with plenty of amenities - all about 1 hour from La Veta. To learn more about La Veta there is information on Ricky's website here and other general information about La Veta here.

Series One, Second Half (Six Shows)
        Dates: Friday-Sunday, June 22-24, 2007
        Two shows are taped each day. Attendance to both is required.
        Cut off date for requests - June 1, 2007, or when 'sold out'

Series Two, First Half (Six Shows)
        Dates: Friday-Sunday, August 3-5
        Two shows are taped each day. Attendance to both is required.
        Cut off date for requests - July 15, 2007, or when 'sold out'

Free tickets are awarded on a first come, first served basis. All requested tickets MUST be used. Please do not request tickets if you are not committed to attending. Seating is limited and we do not overbook the seating area. Therefore, unused tickets result in empty seats and diminishes the energy of the show and denies someone else the opportunity to attend.

Due to the overwhelming request, tickets will be initially distributed for one day of attendance only.
You may, however, request up to two days.
If you request two days, state your FIRST preference.
Second day tickets will only be awarded if additional openings are available after the deadline for ticket requests. In the event that second day seating is available, you will be notified by email to confirm second day attendance. These second day tickets will also be arranged based on the original request on a first come, first served basis.

To make your request for free tickets or to get further information about tickets and our ticket policies, email service@thequiltshow.com





The second annual MicroCosmos (Little Worlds) show at Tims Art Quilt Studio and Gallery is a unique show where each artist submits a tryptich entry (three 5 x 7 inch each) based on a theme. This year's theme is Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. The entries are juried and the workmanship is outstanding. All the works are for sale and no tryptich costs more than $250. Check them out here and select one for your personal collection. Contratulations to Nancy Brown of Oakland, CA for winning Best of Show with Going, Going, Gone, pictured above. Show runs through May 18th.


Here we go - time to celebrate! Have fun, It's a NEW DAY! Quilters world wide, unite!!! Thank you for helping us build YOUR site.

Episode 101 is Now Online - Enjoy the Show

We have spoken to our beloved team and they have recommended that we launch show 2 on April 3. What I love about the first two shows is that they are very different in nature, giving you a glimpse of the spectrum of style we can offer. Kind of like complementary colors, opposite on the color wheel providing a rich combination of viewing pleasure. Be sure to clique, Watch a Show to see the first After Set.



We are proud to announce Stitchin Heaven, an online ecommerce shopping spot for quilters, has come on board as one of our site sponsors. We are so thankful to have them on board. Debby Luttrell and team will be able to assit you when you are having difficulty finding something at your local quilt shop. They have a wide variety of products that quilters will love - check out their site. They will have a banner on in the left filmstrip so they will always be easy to find when you are visiting The Quilt Show. If you every are in Quitman, Tx, stop into their brick and mortar shop and tell them HI.


Welcome Stichin Heaven! 



Okay gang - here ya go! We're giving you a sneak peek by showing you the After Set from show 101. The After Set is the informal talk that we have once the show has been shot. So while you won't see the show - yet - you'll see our interaction and get a glimpse of our first guest - Joe Cunningham.

This preview may have some quirks and we need to know about them, however, please don't email tech support - just reply to this blog with your results - yes, it played with no problem - no, it didn't play. You don't need to click on the remote - the video is set for auto-play. If it does not play within a few seconds - refresh your screen and we are interested in how it is behaving for our members.

Where do you watch it? Click on the Watch a show link in the menu bar at the top and select your environment. For now, you don't need to click play. Just click and watch. Enjoy! - Ricky



Glen Eyrie Castle, Colorado Springs, CO, September 11-17, 2007 - Immerse yourself in six days and seven nights of your favorite art at the foot of Pikes Peak.  You’ll be treated like royalty at Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center.  You can even stay in the castle.  This retreat will feature some of the textile world’s most sought-after names and is the perfect balance of workshops, social activities and free time.  

Mickey Lawler is teaching a class titled “Paints on Fabric”, Ann Johnston’s class involves “Stamping with Dyes” and Judith Baker Montano will assist her students in creating a work of art using burned and wrinkled fabrics, smocking and a variety of fabrics and threads. Space is extremely limited with a registration deadline of August 11, 2007.  For more information visit www.gleneyrie.org/textiles or call 1-877-488-8787.

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