It is a great day for taping and we are at the amazing studio of Jane Dunnewold.

If you could have the studio of your dreams, would it be part of your house, on the property but separate, or in a totally different location?



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Join New York City quilt artist, blogger, and author Victoria Findlay Wolfe (Episode 1404) who to date has made over 300 quilts (including Best of Show winner at Quiltcon 2013) and in this inspiring show, she shares her secrets! Discover how just 15 minutes of creative activity a day, coupled with scraps of fabric, orphan blocks, and other odd bits, can result in an impressive and satisfying collection of finished quilts.

You'll also learn about a community service project that provides quilts for those in NYC who are transitioning from homeless shelters to their own homes. We finish with a tour of our beautiful location, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, just outside the historic city of Charleston, SC. See their collection of vintage quilts. How's that for inspiration?



Find out about "non-obligation" sewing, how to get in charge of your life, and what makes Alex panic.





Are you looking for a heartwarming quilt-related gift for a child or grandchild in your family? Brandy Lynn Maslowski, the host of Canadian Quilt Talk, is constantly telling her listeners to share quilting with a younger generation on her talk show, her blog and everywhere she plays on social media. But she's not just talking about it.

She's now making a move to get her children's picture book, Kristy's Quilt, published and in the hands and hearts of quilters and children everywhere.


Kristy's Quilt is a heartwarming quilt adventure based on a true story. This children's book features 10 year old Kristy, a spunky little quilter who blossoms at the In Stitches Quilting Retreat. A book for ages 2-92.

Join Brandy Lynn, the Host of Canadian Quilt Talk on Feb. 14th for the launch of the Kristy's Quilt Kickstarter campaign!

What's Kickstarter? Supporters of the project (like you) fund the book in exchange for early bird copies and other fantastic rewards. Basically, if you back the project for $20 or more you'll be one of the first people on earth to get a copy of the book in your hands this spring. You can choose any level of funding from $5 and up for all kinds of great rewards including bookmarks, softcover or hardcover copies, a doll quilt made by Brandy herself, and more. And most importantly, once the book is in your hands, you'll be able to share your love of quilting with a child.

YOU CAN SUPPORT THIS HEARTWARMING PROJECT starting on Valentine's Day and anytime from February 14th to March 14th by clicking here. Thank you for sharing the heritage of quilting with a child.  



It was a great time in Modesto, California last Thursday-Saturday. Ricky Tims Super Seminars brought Ricky, Alex Anderson, and Pam Holland to "Tree City, USA".  Here are a few pictures of people and quilts. Thank you Modesto for making us all feel at home.

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6293__22t1410.jpg 6293_1403b.jpg
Photos by Gregory Case Photography

Alex and Ricky welcome back quilt artist, author, and publisher Gyleen Fitzgerald (Episode 909) who brings us up to date on life since her TQS debut, shares some of her latest work, and offers loads of ingenious - and practical - ideas for sewing and pressing that are sure to be a hit in any quilter's sewing space. Also on hand: Connie Fanders, director of education and training for Bernina USA, who demonstrates how easy it is to piece a quilt top using a serger. You won't want to miss this!



6290_screen_shot_20140130_at_35558_pm.pngNews Flash!

Libby Lehman has won the Rice University Distinguished Alumni Award for 2014! This is a huge honor! Upon hearing the news Libby said, "I am very honored!” 

Lester, Libby’s husband, said he was almost choking up when Robert (Bob) L. Clarke (former Comptroller of the Currency during the Reagan and Bush administrations and head of the Rice University Alumni Association) told him the news. This award usually goes to scientists, civic leaders or corporate giants, so it makes it even more meaningful that Libby's excellence in the art of creating and teaching quilting has been recognized. Previous recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award include George R. Brown, prominent Houstonian entrepreneur and construction magnate (if the name sound familiar, the convention center where the International Quilt Festival is held is named after him) and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry.

Lester reported, Libby, in my opinion, is very worthy of the honor. She has touched the lives of a great many people as evidenced by the thousands of get well cards she was sent after word got out about her stroke and the almost half a million hits on her CaringBridge site regarding her condition. She feels greatly honored. We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support during this time of need."

Libby’s sister, Cathy Arnold, added, "Kudos to my sweet husband, Bill, who loves his sister-in-law, Libby, so much that he worked very hard to help bring Libby's nomination for this award to the Selection Committee's attention and to make sure that she had the appropriate Letters of Recommendation from people we all know and love like Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson, Karey Bresenhan, and many others."

Hey TQS, let’s whoop it up for Libby Lehman!


It is with great excitement that we share the good news: Libby is now at home!! She's even getting a jump start on her Valentine cards. Why not surprise her with a Valentine's card to let her know that you're thinking of her? Please send cards addressed to:

Libby Lehman

c/o Cathy Arnold

2220 Stanmore Dr. 

Houston,TX 77019


Caring Bridge Journal:

Arrived this morning to find Libby, Les & Tiffany finishing breakfast. Tiffany reported Libby independently showered this morning. Another step forward.
Libby, Tiffany & I dove into decorating gift bags for Valentine's Day. I mean Libby was starting before I had all the supplies on the table. She would put down a heart, then take it off and put down a different color. It reminded me of when she would pin fabric on her board when designing one of her fabulous quilts. She would get ahead of herself though and pickup the bag to show us before gluing it down. So what if it took a couple of tries and a little longer to complete. But Libby declared "Tiffany's is the winner".

Then we started some Valentine's Day cards. Libby loves to practice her handwriting. Only thing was she wanted to sign her name at the top of the card instead of the bottom. She always has had a unique style.

But mainly Libby was most interested in reading the new Quilting magazine I had brought. She loved seeing Alex & Ricky on the cover. She slowly turned each page, looking carefully at all the photos.

Today Libby was in a great mood but her language was a bit of a struggle. Really searching for the right words. Sometimes she would forget what she was trying to say but always she kept a positive attitude about it.

After eating almost all her lunch (a little late as she was still full from breakfast), it was time to practice walking. She got up and while going across the floor decided to just go ahead to her room and take a nap. So that's where this reports ends. It was a good day!


Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Alex, Ricky, and the TQS gang travel to the Omaha, NE, headquarters of AccuQuilt, where they connect with Linda Pumphrey, global sales manager (and self-described "Global Passionista") for a show loaded with fabulous projects and techniques.

Linda leads off with Fractured Triangles, a fast-and-fun, strip-and-triangle-based quilt made using AccuQuilt's efficient and accurate cutting system. (A downloadable pdf for this project will be available on the TQS website.)

Alex joins the fun with a lesson on "squiggles" (Sorry! You'll just need to watch!), and Ricky shows how to create a stunning quilt that combines charm squares with sparkling slivers of color. Finally, we couldn't leave our location without a tour of AccuQuilt's wonderful facility, hosted by director of marketing, Lynn Gibney.



Photo by Gregory Case Photography

We're thrilled to kick off our 1400 series with a visit from quilt designer and award-winning quilter Janet Stone. Ever since childhood, Janet has been intrigued by typography, and her wonderfully original designs - including A-Z for Ewe and Me, our 2014 TQS Block of the Month quilt - clearly demonstrate this lifelong passion for all things "alphabet." In this show, Janet shares a "flock" of tips for stitching accurate and easy flying-geese and half-square-triangle units, as well as some terrific ideas for creating machine-appliquéd letters . . . all useful techniques for making your own version of the BOM quilt. Also, Ricky demonstrates how to spice up your bindings with a scalloped detail.


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