Alex and Ricky have never been scared of color, but the hotel manager who rented them the room was very nervous. Yes the cans were almost knocked over!!




It's the big 5-0 for Justin today!  Happy Birthday from TQS! And quit looking quite so young...

















Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Alex and Ricky welcome artist and author Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero (Episode 507) back to the TQS studio for a look at some of her newest work, which marries machine embroidery with her trademark Kaleidoscope designs.

Jeanie, a former software engineer for Hewlett-Packard, explains how to select an image, print it on fabric, transform it into a unique design using her Kaleidoscope Kreator program, and then enhance it with machine embroidery.

In addition, Connie Fanders, Director of Education for BERNINA USA, shows a quick-and-easy way to make a rag quilt (and more) using your serger.



(Photo by Gregory Case Photography)

It's time to reserve your tickets for the next series of TQS tapings!  Here's the scoop regarding location, dates, guidelines, and policies for requesting FREE tickets:

WHAT: 5 Days of Tapings (10 shows)
Two shows taped each day.

Attendance required for the entire day.

4100 E. Dry Creek Road
Centennial, CO 80122

WHEN:  Saturday-Wednesday, November 15-19, 2014

Cut-off date for ticket request:  October 15, 2015 or when "Sold Out"

6780_libby2.jpg It's hard to keep this Texas girl down.  She went on a date with Lester and he reveals all.

Morning Scoop!  Lester describes his date with Libby last night:

"‎Libby did fantastic!  She didn't like the frozen margarita all that much, but boy did she like the red wine - her first since the stroke.  She ate over half of her filet (which she said was delicious) and at least half of the side of mashed potatoes that we got for the WHOLE table.  She fed herself and dropped only one small piece of steak  and none of the mashed potatoes - did great. Now eating the fresh berries in a to die for cream sauce, well,  we need to work on.   Although I must admit that I spilled some of that on myself.  She said she was "overstuffed" and working on getting "double pudgy".

Libby kept us laughing all through the dinner‎ - she talked through the whole meal and never got sleepy. Tiffany said Libby would not take a nap this afternoon because she was afraid Tiffany wouldn't wake her up and she would miss the dinner.  Tiffany had really done a number on Libby and had her looking beautiful - which is easy to do when you have so much to work with!!

It was a great evening and I really thank Palmer and Dolores Melton for inviting us out.


6776_image_libby_lehman_flowers_.jpgLibby loves to stop and smell the flowers and apparently decided to stop and call Ricky as well.



O Happy Day!!!!!!!

I got a phone call today from none other than Libby Lehman herself! It’s the first chat we have had in months - none since her last severe seizure, the one that subsequently put her back into the rehabilitation facility, and ultimately led to her being placed into hospice because she had simply given up hope and wanted to end everything. The prayers of all of us who love her have been that during this time she might, on her own, find the will and strength to survive.

So… back to the phone call. She told her family a bit of news and wanted to share it with me. She said, “This dying thing isn’t working out, so I just might as well live and have fun!!” She said, “I love you!” and I assured her I loved her too. Her words were clear and articulate - better than I have heard from her since her stroke!

Libby enjoys her beauty treatments. I already knew that before calling me she had just returned from a manicure, so I asked about it. She said, “Yes, I had THREE attendants”. After I replied how wonderful that was, she said, “...I wanted four!” Ha ha ha ha! It’s so good to hear Libby in such good sprits - bantering, joking, and being bossy.

I mentioned that tomorrow night (August 6) Justin and I are going to see the Lady Gaga concert in Denver. Her reply was, “Don’t get in a fight!” … which is a comment she made because the first and only fight I’ve ever had was at the Lady Gaga concert three years ago. That’s another story for another time. The point is - Libby remembered it!

She told me that tomorrow she had dinner reservations at 5:30 for Ruth Chris’s Steak House and she was planning on ordering filet mignon.

This truly is the best she has been mentally since her stroke. Libby has been in a position where she had to choose - sink or swim. Our prayers have been that she would find a way out of the dark hole she has been in and reach for a brighter day. I can say with confidence that today is most assuredly a brighter day! I am doing a happy dance! Let me hear a whoo-hoo for our dear sweet Libby!



Photo by Gregory Case Photography

While in high school, award-winning quilt artist Jerry Granata made costumes for the National Marionette Company—an experience that taught him that no fabric is off limits, even for quilting. The trick is in knowing how to tame it, and in this show, Jerry reveals the huge variety of unusual fabrics available to quilters (think leather, lamé, fake fur, upholstery), where to find them, which to use when, how to prepare them, work with them, and even quilt them.

We wrap with a tour of our day's location, The Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX, where Jerry—for 21 years a professional musician with the United States Navy—provides the soundtrack on his RED saxophone.




The Quilt Life magazine made its debut in April 2010; its final edition will be the October 2014 issue, available in mid-August.  That's 28 issues total.  From the beginning, the magazine was owned by the American Quilter's Society (AQS).  At the time AQS approached us, Ricky and Alex were surveying the quilt-publication scene and were coming to realize that there were plenty of quilt magazines already focused on patterns and techniques, so they saw no need to create another.  Instead, The Quilt Life has always been about the stories of the quilts, and of the quiltmakers "living the quilt life."

Everyone involved with The Quilt Life magazine is sad to see it go, but the much-publicized evolutuion from print to online media is partially responsible.  If you have an active subscription, you'll soon be hearing directly from AQS as to how your outstanding subscription will be handled.

On a personal note, we want to thank Meredith Schroeder and the American Quilter's Society for giving us a blank canvas upon which to create and share. 

This brings us to the subject of TheQuiltShow.com. We want to be VERY clear that the magazine and the website are two totally different companies.

The Quilt Show (TQS) is alive and well, and we look forward to continuing the awesome journey of delivering first-rate video to your computer screen and to connecting quilters worldwide!




Leni Levenson Wiener  discussing the uses of her Art Quilter's Value Scale in Episode 1413. We wanted you to use this valuable tool in your quilting so we held a contest to give away  giving 50 cards to some lucky TQS members.  Are you one of the seleceted winners.  Find your name on the list below and you will be seeing a little gift in your mailbox very soon!










































Photo by Gregory Case Photography

In Episode 1502,Canadian quiltmaker, teacher, and author Mary Elizabeth Kinch drops by the studio to share her love for antique quilts and how she recreates them full-size with tiny pieces and reproduction fabrics. Mary Elizabeth, founder of the SPA (Small Piece Aficionado) Society, demonstrates how to tame those tiny pieces from template stage to finished block, incorporating lots of fabric and hand-piecing tips along the way.

Then Alex travels to Washington County, Oregon, for a chat with textile artist Terry Grant, in which we get a glimpse at Terry's latest art quilts . . . featuring "upcycled" men's shirts!


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