223_859049.jpgYou might just want to check out "watch a show" for a REAL sneak peek to see Alex and Ricky at work, or is it really play?



Rick Fahrenbruch has just announced his idea of “Peaced Quilts”. Quilters are encouraged to create quilts that incorporate symbols representing groups or individuals in conflict and a peace symbol. The quilts are then registered and donated to various the various groups in conflict in hopes that it will improve understanding and promote peace throughout the world.

Rick’s first quilt incorporates Christian, Jewish and Islamic symbols and has been donated to a mosque. For more information, please contact Rick Fahrenbruch at peacedquilts@yahoo.com or check out the website www.peacedquilts.org

YIKES! Several people have referenced April 1st as the launch date - NO NO, we couldn't do it on April fools day. The launch date is April 2nd. The cut off date for charter membership is April 1.


Thanks to Gregory Case, The Quilt Shows Official Photographer, and our beloved webmasters we are proud to post our slide show documenting the official antics of the first taping session of the show. Also, you will see why we love La Veta! Simply go to the skinny bar above and clique the Slideshow button. Grab a cup of jave, there are a lot, but the photos tell the story better than words could ever express. Whacha think?




The stories link in the menu bar has new member-submitted quilt stories for you to read. If you would like to submit a story, just do so in that link by typing the story - submit it - then upload a photo to go with it. Once it gets approved it will post right on the Stories link. If you want to read the author's profile, just click their name and you will go to the profile page. There you have the opportunity to email them if you like.- Enjoy!



Houston - March 1, 2007 - Quilts, Inc. announced that a third edition of International Quilt Festival (IQF) will make its debut July 25-27, 2008 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in Long Beach, California. The summer Festival will be an annual event.

"We have been looking for quite some time at starting a third edition of Festival - one that would serve a different geographical area than our current fall show in Houston and the spring edition in Chicago," says Karey Bresenhan, president of Quilts, Inc. and Festival's director. "After many site inspections and much research and consideration, we've decided that Long Beach is the ideal choice for the summer Festival's home."

The show will include many of the same features that quilters all over the world have come to expect from the Houston and Chicago Festivals: a wide variety of vendors, dazzling special exhibits of quilt and textile art, and classes, lectures and events for every style, technique, and skill level of fabric artist. In addition, it will also include features unique to the Long Beach show.

"Starting a new venture is always challenging, especially one of this magnitude," Bresenhan continues. "But we won't be resting on our laurels and reputation. We want the Long Beach Festival to have an identity of its own. As show organizers, we are constantly learning new things every year to improve the show experience for our attendees, who let us know what works and what doesn't. All of that collected knowledge has been put to good use in planning the Long Beach Festival and will help us in the future as we continue to create the kind of show our attendees want."



Ricky and Alex relax on the set on the eve of taping. - Photo by Gregory Case

Yesterday, I blogged about the future of quilting which is internet-based. Note that you are reading this via a web blog, at your own preferred location and time of choosing. The internet allows you to shift the paradigms of time and space—you can be anywhere at any time and as long as you can access the web, you can access The Quilt Show website.

While the future is internet-based, ironically, Ricky Tims' and Alex Anderson’s quilt show (wwww.thequiltshow.com) is sold out for all these six tapings and for those who are interested, the June taping dates will be announced soon. Literally, busloads full of quilters are converging in La Veta, making the trip to be a part of quilting history.

The reality is that the future also looks a lot like the present. Ricky Tim’s Art Quilt Studio & Gallery will create a destination place for quilters to seek out and visit. For those geographically challenged in finding La Veta, Colorado on a map, look near the southeast part of the state. Find Denver and head south. Go past Colorado Springs and Pueblo, and make a slight right turn at Walsenburg. La Veta is tucked in a valley with snow-capped mountains around it with a population of about 900. Today, the town folk were talking about seeing evidence of a bear roaming the alley behind Ricky Tim’s Art Quilt Studio and Gallery. Yeah, it is that remote!

The locals visited Ricky’s gallery all day. They expressed their enthusiasm for his new venture and are excited that La Veta will become even more of a quilter’s mecca a la Sisters, Oregon. I followed them and the ever-expanding crew of producers, lighting and photography directors, film editor, sound people, and more, to create an exciting new venue where The Quilt Show will be taped. I have the wonderful job as a quilt and textile photographer to photograph the behind the scenes events: the production meetings, the rehearsals, Ricky and Justin’s house with their three dogs, the quaint town of La Veta, etc.

Over a year ago, a quilting vision was created. Today, I believe Ricky and Alex have glimpsed the future of quilting. While it may blossom in La Veta Colorado, it will grow to be seen literally by the rest of world as long as one can access the web. No longer will the Midwest be fly over country as far as quilters are concerned. Soon, not only will Ricky and Alex have seen the future, you will too.

Photo by Gregory Case 



In between the two great iconic American cities, New York and Los Angeles, is a place derogatorily referred to as “flyover” country. Flyover as in there’s nothing worth paying attention to down there. Most Midwest folks don’t seem to give much credence to that thought—they are too busy living productive lives to be concerned about what those big city folks think.

Years ago, near one of those iconic American cities, Jon Landau, Bruce Springsteen’s manager, said when he first saw “the Boss” on stage, “I saw rock and roll future, and its name is Bruce Springsteen.”

Today, in flyover country, I’ve seen the future of quilting and its name is the ubiquitous Internet. This is verified by the fact that you are reading this article, on-line, via The Quilt Show on a web blog. I am betting three years ago, you weren’t reading web blogs about quilting. Additional proof is seen in the popularity of on-line stores, such as, the Fat Quarter Shop, which exist only on-line. Welcome to the future.

Today, Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson, in rural Colorado, specifically La Veta, are betting they’ve seen the future and they want to help shape the quilting future. They are the hosts of a new internet-based “TV-like” show and web site called The Quilt Show (www.thequiltshow.com). Their aim is to create a web “space” where current and future quilters can join in a virtual community to experience and revel in quilts, fabric, teaching, playing and loving quilting.

Alex Anderson, formerly of HGTV’s Simply Quilts, and Ricky Tims, well-known quilter and musician, have known each other for over five years. Last year they started numerous conversations about what they wanted to do together and out of those conversations begat The Quilt Show. The first six shows, which will be taped before a live studio audience, will happen this Friday – Sunday at Ricky Tims' Art Quilt Studio & Gallery in La Veta, CO.

As a quilt and textile photographer, I’ve been blessed to be a part of this experience. I am photographing/documenting and blogging the “behind the scenes” of the show and will be featured in their first taping.

While I was documenting the events of the day, Justin, Ricky’s partner, sent over a photo of a table he was looking at for the set, via his cell phone, while shopping in another city in Colorado. Alex and Ricky looked at the piece of furniture via Ricky’s cell phone and decided whether or not to buy the table (picture here). That’s when it occurred to me—that singular event encapsulated the impact of technology on our lives--they were making a purchasing decision for their new studio, for an internet-based program, that quilters would view via their personal computer, when and where ever they want. In that moment, it was clear: by the creative use of existing communication tools, Ricky and Alex are helping to create an exciting future for you and me.

(Part one of two)



Quilts are once again up for auction for Alzheimer's research. Every cent acquired from the purchase of these heartfelt works goes to toward finding a cure for this dreadful disease.

There's a very little quilt going for a TON of money on the Alzheimer's auction. It's machine quilted on a long arm and is absolutely awesome. It's 8 1/2 x 11 INCHES and is already up to $250 after 3 days. The auction goes until the 10th of March.

Ami Simms', coordinator of the project, thinks the top price previously paid for a Priority: Alzhiemer's Quilt was $325 for one made by Charlotte Warr Anderson which was sold in Houston. On auction the highest ever was $250. Let's knock this one out of the ball park.

Take a look: http://www.amisimms.com/700zestforlife.html


176_201165.jpg  176_225088.gif

Denver, CO - March 5-Apri 27, 2007 - The Colorado Quilting Council (CQC) will have over 200 large quilts hanging in the four story marble, brass and wood splendor of the Colorado State Capitol in downtown Denver.  Viewing hours are 7:30 - 5, Monday through Friday.  Admission is free.  For more information, see www.coloradoquiltcouncil.com


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