6780_libby2.jpg It's hard to keep this Texas girl down.  She went on a date with Lester and he reveals all.

Morning Scoop!  Lester describes his date with Libby last night:

"‎Libby did fantastic!  She didn't like the frozen margarita all that much, but boy did she like the red wine - her first since the stroke.  She ate over half of her filet (which she said was delicious) and at least half of the side of mashed potatoes that we got for the WHOLE table.  She fed herself and dropped only one small piece of steak  and none of the mashed potatoes - did great. Now eating the fresh berries in a to die for cream sauce, well,  we need to work on.   Although I must admit that I spilled some of that on myself.  She said she was "overstuffed" and working on getting "double pudgy".

Libby kept us laughing all through the dinner‎ - she talked through the whole meal and never got sleepy. Tiffany said Libby would not take a nap this afternoon because she was afraid Tiffany wouldn't wake her up and she would miss the dinner.  Tiffany had really done a number on Libby and had her looking beautiful - which is easy to do when you have so much to work with!!

It was a great evening and I really thank Palmer and Dolores Melton for inviting us out.

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