(Photo courtesy of Gregory Case)

Whoo Hoo!  The Quilt Show has just surpassed 31,000 members!  Let's all welcome TQS member 31,000:  bconine!  It's exciting to know that we are all apart of this fast growing world-wide community of quilters that you can only find at www.thequiltshow.com!  All of us at TQS appreciate your support.  Rest assured that we will continue to give you our all to keep this your favorite quilting website and experience.  We listen to what you are looking for to broaden your quilting experience, and we are creating this vision for you!  And it's always, Fresh, New and Fun!  So spread the word and tell a friend to join us.  The more members we have from around the world, the more opportunities we have for sharing, learning and having fun!  Remember

It's a New Day!  Everyday!!

Alex, Ricky, Justin, John, Lilo, Ruth and Bob