Every now and then something happens in the quilting/sewing world that is ground breaking and awesome. Bernina has just introduced their new 8 series, luxury sewing machines. Many of you watched the unveiling of it live from Kansas City. TQS has been given the wonderful opportunity to share with our community The Making of the 8. This fantastic short documentary will enlighten you and set you on the edge of your seat. If you missed the live webcast, or if you want to know more about the Bernina 830, go here.

TQS is grateful to Bernina for being a visionary in the sewing industry worldwide. Bernia saw Alex, Ricky, Justin, and John´s vision for TQS and without them TQS would not have gotten off the ground. Now, Bernina has listened to you again. They spent six years developing a machine that will, according to Ricky, "change the world." Click below and watch now - The Making of the 8.

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