"Fatsia Japonica" by Millyka

On May 3, 2008, the TQS website hit another milestone....our 9,000 quilt is now posted in our TQS Quilt Gallery!  This quilt is titled "Fatsia Japonica" and showcases the beautiful leaves of the Fatsia plant.  Fatsias have leaves up to 12" (30 cm) on a plant that can grow up to 8 ft. tall (2.4 m). 

TQS member Millyka says "This is a result of a class I took with Jenny Bowker.  I loved the class as it pushed me out of my comfort zone."

Keep posting your quilts in the TQS Quilt Gallery!  Remember that it doesn't have to be one you made; it can be one you purchased or received as a gift! You never know, yours may be our next milestone quilt! To view this and other member posted quilts click here.