OK folks here is the big news….Today is John’s last day at work for a company other than our own (35 years of accounting). He is officially joining The Quilt Show full time as our guiding light. We realized that we need someone who can be the master of the ship and pull all of the details together. As you probably know, we have all managed to grow this community while holding our “day jobs”. Honestly it is a little scary (for me) but equally exciting. Not only is he thrilled with the TQS vision, but he cares deeply about our community. So WELCOME to the club John – This is going to be an exciting adventure for us. We will celebrate Sunday when I get home from PA.


Ricky has added this: John - Congratulations! To everyone else, you must understand John is not retiring - he's making a serious career move. It is a leap of faith and something that came with lots of discussion and thought. John has always been a major player in the development of TQS. We have dreamed "the impossible dream." We all feel that finally having someone in the driver's seat will help us. TQS has grown in spite of ourselves - but it must grow more if we are going to be able to continue. With John's guidance, attention to the details, and YOUR help, we are confident that we will be able to reach "the unreachable star." - Ricky