This priceless photo is Alex Goodwin - photo by Ruth Goodwin (mom) 

No, neither Alex nor Lilo (TQSWizard) have had a baby. Thank goodness! However, ARJJ has added a new person to our family, Marketing Director, Ruth Goodwin. Ruth lives in North Carolina. As time goes on we'll tell you more about her. But first, you need to meet her four year old son, Alex - yes, Alex. Here is what Ruth sent folllowing a conference call:

"So I was on the phone with yall and lo and behold I look out my office window and this is what I saw riding around in my driveway.  So as soon as we hung up, I HAD to run out and take a photo to share. The boy under the outfit is my 4 year old Alex.  The Hunter orange vest is a vest that he HAD to get when we were at Dick's Sporting Goods last night (on sale for 93 cents. Yippee!).  The bike is his new "ride" from Christmas. 

You gotta love the outfit, the bike - we'll - everything!

Now get this - Ruth's son Alex is named after her father who is named Alexander Thomas Anderson.  While her dad goes by Thom Anderson her grandfather was Alexander Anderson.

Go figure!