Ricky and Alex relax on the set on the eve of taping. - Photo by Gregory Case

Yesterday, I blogged about the future of quilting which is internet-based. Note that you are reading this via a web blog, at your own preferred location and time of choosing. The internet allows you to shift the paradigms of time and space—you can be anywhere at any time and as long as you can access the web, you can access The Quilt Show website.

While the future is internet-based, ironically, Ricky Tims' and Alex Anderson’s quilt show (wwww.thequiltshow.com) is sold out for all these six tapings and for those who are interested, the June taping dates will be announced soon. Literally, busloads full of quilters are converging in La Veta, making the trip to be a part of quilting history.

The reality is that the future also looks a lot like the present. Ricky Tim’s Art Quilt Studio & Gallery will create a destination place for quilters to seek out and visit. For those geographically challenged in finding La Veta, Colorado on a map, look near the southeast part of the state. Find Denver and head south. Go past Colorado Springs and Pueblo, and make a slight right turn at Walsenburg. La Veta is tucked in a valley with snow-capped mountains around it with a population of about 900. Today, the town folk were talking about seeing evidence of a bear roaming the alley behind Ricky Tim’s Art Quilt Studio and Gallery. Yeah, it is that remote!

The locals visited Ricky’s gallery all day. They expressed their enthusiasm for his new venture and are excited that La Veta will become even more of a quilter’s mecca a la Sisters, Oregon. I followed them and the ever-expanding crew of producers, lighting and photography directors, film editor, sound people, and more, to create an exciting new venue where The Quilt Show will be taped. I have the wonderful job as a quilt and textile photographer to photograph the behind the scenes events: the production meetings, the rehearsals, Ricky and Justin’s house with their three dogs, the quaint town of La Veta, etc.

Over a year ago, a quilting vision was created. Today, I believe Ricky and Alex have glimpsed the future of quilting. While it may blossom in La Veta Colorado, it will grow to be seen literally by the rest of world as long as one can access the web. No longer will the Midwest be fly over country as far as quilters are concerned. Soon, not only will Ricky and Alex have seen the future, you will too.

Photo by Gregory Case 

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