Photos by Justin Shults

This year dad (81 years old) has been making quilts, quilts, and more quilts. The ones you see here are just a sampling of what he has done this year. A couple of tops are currently at the quilters now and two other finished quilts are in Florida with two of his great grandsons. In one of these photos you'll see my great niece is standing in front of hers (with extra pink, her favorite color). You'll see a few that are variations of Papaw's Choice, a block pattern featured in our Projects page, and finally, Katie the dog was in dog heaven as we unfolded each of them to take these photos. It seems she liked seeing them too.

The string quilt is mostly made from commercial fabrics, blocks that were exercises from classs I taught years ago, but the students didn't take their sample exercises home (so I did) and this was the result. Finally, dad experimented by adding a few commercial fabrics to his stash of my hand-dyed fabrics and that quilt turned out great too. If you haven't watched Epidsode 211, take a look and see my dad talk about his quilting experience.

You may be interested to know that I now offer hand-dyed fat quarter and fat eight packs - so, instead of buying a full yard, you can now get a beautiful collection of fabrics that would assist you in making quilts like dad's. If you try to take a look at the seven different sets, and some are 'gone', then please check back. Once I get home, we will refresh the inventory. The thing that is really amazing to me is that dad doens't really do much planning - he just let's the colors do their thing. Are you a planner? - or can you let go and let it just 'happen'?