Sometimes life comes at you hard. I've been there. There are times when life can dish out overwhelming obstacles and sometimes the will to overcome hardships or discouragement dwindles to almost nothing. The things we enjoy doing - quilting for example - can start off with excitement, but obstacles often douse the flame of passion and before long, a once inspiring project will be put aside for a less challenging, more exciting endeavor. Sometimes the passion for life and living can also diminish and discouragement takes root to begin the long spiral downward to despair.

As I walked up the steps to the gallery this morning I looked left and saw the potted rose bush that never got planted. I thought, "This has got to get transplanted." Then I noticed the geranium in the crack at the foot of the steps.

On the gallery porch we have lovely potted geraniums. They are watered frequently and we do our best to keep them looking good for the visitors who come our way. It appears that sometime this summer the wind must have broken off a sprig of the geranium and it blew behind the bench at the bottom of the steps out of sight and in a grungy unattended area. I suppose this geranium, rootless, broken, and separated from its 'mother' could have withered and died. However in this unattended, barren area, enough sand and debris collected, enough rain fell from the heavens to allow this orphan sprig to take root and scream, I'm alive! I will survive! I will not give up and I will find a way to inspire others to suck it up, be brave, tackle adversity, thrive, live, and celebrate life."

This abandoned, isolated sprig of a geranium, living in the most difficult of conditions, will have done more today than all the pampered blossoms on the porch. It enourages me. It makes me realize that there is always hope. Nothing is too difficult to overcome, and when I experience adversity, discouragment, depression - perhaps, instead of giving up, I too can dig in, survive, find a strong determination to overcome the situation and ultimately be an inspiration and encouragement to those around me.