Greetings TQS World Quilt Community members!

So you ask - is Ricky ill? Is he mad? What's up with Ricky? Well, the truth of the matter is that since July 5 I have been going non-stop. I have only had three personal days away from work since then. We have completed three seminars (these are really MAJOR events) and the travel time, set up time, seminar time, break down, and travel home takes a toll.

Besides that I really did have the Rhapsody quilt deadline - so I stopped the Rhapsody Reality Blog so I could do nothing but concentrate on that quilt and get it to the photographer in time for the deadline - which I did, but I could not possibly shoot and edit video on top of that insanity. We'll get back to it, I promise. You have to have the patience of a Jedi warrior. I will unveil that quilt in time. Patience, Luke, Patience!

I returned home from the Knoxville seminar Tuesday night. The last three days I have had another quilt to finish for a pattern that is coming out with JWD Publishing at Fall Market. So, once again, I'm in overdrive. This photo gives you a sneak peek at that quilt.

Of course then there is the matter of finalizing all the edits, exports and imports associated with show 110 which posts on Monday.

As you can tell, I lolligag a lot, eat bon bons and watch re-runs of Lucy. Life is grand. LOL. The most imporant message is that I am in this for the long-haul so I have to manage my time, meet the deadlines that pay the bills, and find a balance to keep TQS strong. Thanks for understanding that my time is overloaded. I'll be heading to NY for a field shoot then off to Wichita Falls, TX for a concert en route to market and festival in Houston. I fly directly from Houston to Japan for two weeks. My next real breather is two days before Thanksgiving - late November.

Oh yes, then there is the painting and designing on the new fabric for Red Rooster.

Can you say, "Neck Deep in Aligators?"