While you may not fully understand the scope of our new project, I think most of you know there is a lot that has gone into the production of the site and the show. However, we do get emails with questions such as the one below. I hope my reply will answer the ultmiate question - Why do I have to pay?

Q: How come you are charging to watch your episodes, when we can all see your simply quilts
shows for free at HGTV and DIY websites? Seems like a waste of time when we have all seen
your techniques and different quilts made over 100 reruns a year.

A: Your question is a very good one. You might not realize that Simply Quilts did not come to you for free. You paid a cable or satellite bill and a portion of that bill each month went to HGTV or DIY. There are millions of people with cable so even if a few cents from your bill is distributed to those networks, it adds up to a significant amount of money enabling them to produce and deliver all of the shows you see on those networks.

In addition to the shows, we are producing a full-service quilt site that even without the video content is the worlds' first of it's kind and offers the opportunity for the entire quilt world to connect with each other. The entire project is unprecedented, massive, time consuming and costly.

This new site is like a virtual quilting magazine. Perhaps you don't subscribe to quilting magazines, but it's still the same - something you pay a small fee for so that it can be produced and delivered to you. All magazines function due to a combination of subscriptions and advertisers/sponsors - we are no different.

Our goal is to enrich and inspire quilters and keep the industry thriving so that quilt shops will continue to exist and that quilt shows will continue to thrive so that our craft/art will remain strong for many more years. We certainly understand that it may not be for everyone. We are offering the opportunity for those who are skeptical to watch the first episode for free once it posts.

We all pursue visions, hopes, and dreams. Whatever your dreams are, I hope that that you will pursue them with passion and that your life will be rich because of it. I hope that you will follow your heart just as we have followed ours  even if others consider it to be a waste of time.