Meet Bad Bart - aka Justin Shults, one of the J's in ARJJ - executive producers of The Quilt Show. At a quilt retreat in La Veta about 2 years ago, the students saw this statue and just HAD to buy it because it looked so much like Justin. They dubbed it the La Veta Quilt Police.

Not only is it a spitting image of Justin (a conincidence), but it is now the "Mini Me" of Bad Bart - the crowd wrangler "entertainer" for the audience during the warm-up and break. If you read any comments from yesterdays blog posts, you'll have heard mention of of Justin and Bad Bart - one in the same. It sort of a flip flop on the idea that the rule breakers get arrested. In other words, it is the quilt police that get arrested so the rest of us can break all the rules.

Photo by Gregory Case



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