It is 6:00am and I have arrived to the gallery/studio on the day of our first shoot to have a bit of personal quiet time on this momentus day. In less than an hour the crew will start arriving. In less than two hours the audience will be arriving. This quiet moment will crescendo into a noisy roar and the hub-bub of activity will rule the day.

But for now - this is my time - a quiet time. I walked into the studio turned on only our gallery lights so I could just reflect a bit on the past four months. Wow - has it only been four months since this endeavor began? I'm feeling very blessed and very thankful - okay - and maybe a bit overwhelmed.

Anyway - here is a glimps into the home of The Quilt Show. It's not Hollywood - it's just a cozy space in a small mountain town. Maybe you can imagine yourself in one of those chairs at a future taping. I like seeing them empty because no one has 'staked a claim' - which for me represents that they are open to everone - all of you will be with us in spriit today as we tape the first two shows. Thank you for helping us make this happen - we couldn't do it without you! - It truly takes a village. It's a new day - and we thank you!