Hi gang! I realize not everyone would know the geography of Texas, so I've made this map of my journey. It started in La Veta, through Wichita Falls (where I was born, and my family sill live there) - to Tyler, West Monroe, LA, Beaumont and now the Austin area.

I have arrived in Cedar Park (near Austin, the capitol) but since the day getting here was a travel day there's not much to tell you. I spent the drive working out details of the taping of the shows with Alex and talked a bit with justin about our upcoming San Diego Super Seminar. I arrived at my hotel and began working with Web Guru Bob on yet another new aspect of this site that will be rolled out to you soon - List your Quilt Show - Find A Quilt Show!

The next few days will really be tight. I'm teaching all afternoon here - then have to be in San Antonio tonight - then teach there Friday - Saturday - and Sunday - before heading north toward Colorado. I'll do my best to keep you posted.

In the meantime - here are some interesting facts about my native state - Texas.

Did you know? Texas is the only state whose flag can fly at the same height as the US flag. Why? It was negotiated when Texas, then its own country, became a state. Also, Texas has the only US capital building that is larger than the US capitol building. We are a peculiar people, loud - proud. Because Texas was a republic, the independent mentality and strong herritage still prevail. Much like Cornwall in England or Bavaria in Germany. Anyone agree? Disagree?