Wow! What a rain strom! However it ended during the evening and clear skies prevailed for my mini-semianrs at Sew What in Beaumont, Tx. I'm hear a lot of you are blanketed in snow and ice - right? Hope you are keeping warm and staying safe.

While the weather was cool, the hearts were warm and the day was just outstanding. Patty, one of the students, purchased a new sewing machine, was expecting a call about the birth of a new grandbaby, and also won a door prize. It was surely a good day for her! I told her to name hew sewing machine after the baby.

Finally, I wanted to see Anita Murphy. Many of you konw Anita as a legend in the quilt world. She was teaching long before it was popular. She was the Texas winner in the 1986 Statue of Liberty quilt contest. She has also been the person who has organized the raffle quilt for the Inteternal Quilt Association show each year. Anita told me that she will turn 80 in a few months. She looked beautiful (as always) and was witty as ever.

There are so many like Anita that paved the way for us and are responsible for building the quilting industry. Our quilt heritage is rich with with folks like Anita. Let's not forget to remember and thank them. - Who was your inspiration?

Thanks you Glenda and staff for putting on such a great event!