Hey gang! We'll I'm on the road again. This is my first driving tour and I'm headed to five Bernina stores in 10 days. I left Colorado yesterday and drove to Wichita Falls, TX (my hometown, where I was born) and stayed with my Nephew and his family. Today, I drove to Tyler, TX to spend some time with A Nimble Thimble owned by Katie Hartner (see photo). Katie wanted me to do a musical performance and talk and she managed to find a venue and get all the necessary equipment to make it work. Way to go Katie. She thought of a great way to add extra incentive for folks to sign up for my classes tomorrow - she is giving away a Bernina 440 to one lucky student. They get one chance for each semianr they signed up for. WOW!

Now, I might not be able to blog everyday on the tour, and if I have some sroke of rehetorical genius, I'll certainly be sure to post that as well as my antics on the road - but for the next several days i'll just share my daily journal with you.

One realy fun converstaion I had tonight was about digitizing embroidery desings. I'm doing a disk of embroidery featuring my rhapsody designs that will release in the spring. Do any of you digitize or use embroidery in your projects? I used to be a 'straight sticth only' sort of quilter, but now I try to really utilize my machine to maximize the creative possibilities in my quilts.