Wow, what a whirlwind! Florida was great - they have green stuff called grass - something I've not seen in quite a while! Yes, we are still buried in snow! On the drive home there are piles of it 10' high on the side of the road where it was cleared from the highways weeks ago. We've had snow every weekend for 7 weeks. It started again today. I got home Tuesday and this morning it started snowing. I think we've gotten about 10-12 inches and more on the way.

I've been keeping a spread-sheet on snow totals at our house since last September. As of right now we have had 129.5 inches of it! Our snowyest months are usually March and April, so we can expect that total to go up quite a bit.

I don't mean to bore you with the weather, but for me it is exciting. I love seeing everyhing white and we have needed this for several years. It should do a great deal of good to our area that has been struggeling with the drought. The pups love it! They would rather be outside rooting their noses through the snow than anything else. And since Alex has been getting special attention as a result of sharing her cat - it's time the dog lovers speak up for me. Justin and I have three dogs - Katie (who was Top Dog (first prize) for the 2005 Page-a-day calendar) and the two new pups Wanda and Raisin - littermates. They are all mutts and i adore all of them. I used to breed show Cocker Spaniels, so I"ve had a taste of it all - and I have to admit - I just love dogs! They are not fighting in the photo - they just love to wrestle and play in the snow.

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