I realize that a whole bunch of you don’t know me as a teacher or personally. So, let me take this opportunity to give you some insight to how I think and how I teach. I like to have fun with quilting and with students. When it stops being fun, I’ll move on. So — - rememeber that. Now, keeping that in mind, I should also tell you that everything I do as a quilt teacher is about about pushing quilters to be creative on their own. You’ll here me say over and over, “Hey people, you HAVE a brain!”

My mode of teaching is to give everyone a kick start and see where it leads. I tell all my students, “I will hold your hand to get you through, but I will not tell you what to do.” My book, Convergence Quilts is the same - a guide to creating your own unique quilt without being spoon fed every step of the way. My comment about ‘quilt as desired’ on the Blog Log Cabin pattern was meant to be humorous. It seems ‘quilt as desired’ has been such a joke among quilters lately. If you think my quilting instuructions are vague, wait until I give you my famous recipe for making Ricky’s Chili. mmmmmm

One suggestion for quilting the Blog Log Cabin Quilt would be to quilt it in the ditch. But overall quilting with swirls would work too. So would stitching 1/4 inch inside all the logs by hand. Also, it could be tied. Finally cross hatching or clam shells would work just the way quilts from long ago were done. Wow - there’s just so many options! I still have to let you pick. Mercy me! Is that enough suggestions! Whew!

Regarding lack of quilting instrucions in purchased patterns, there are many factors that contribute to this. The first and foremost being space limitiations. There are thousands of ways to quilt any given quilt, so I’d encourage you to decide for yourself. When the quilt is finished, the best part of all is being able to proudly say, ‘I did it my way!”

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