Kaleidoscopic Marbles was designed and pieced by Paula Nadelstern and quilted by Marlene Hiltner (40" x 40") [2015]. It is another one of Paula's kaleidoscopic quilts where she allows the fabric to do the work, while using easy piecing to assemble the quilt.

Click here to learn more about the process Paula used to create the quilt.

Star Members can watch Paula at work in Show 2010: Easy Piecing with Complex Fabrics Makes Stunning Quilts.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis

#3 mammacats 2017-05-22 09:49
As long as there are fabulous and interesting fabrics out there, I think Paula still has a long way to go before she finishes with her fascination with kaleidoscopes.

This is another one of her amazing designs. When you read her books and how she lays these out, it is so fantastically easy that you find yourself doing a *face palm* after reading.

I just cannot say enough about Paula Nadelstern.
#2 cheri 2017-05-21 16:27
I would love to see Paula step out of the kaleidoscope phase, I be stunned to see what she could do in other areas.
#1 turtleswimmer 2017-05-21 13:41
This is another exquisite quilt by Paula. What a feast for the eyes. Such a wonderful talent Paula has and shares with us. AMAZING!!!
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