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Hope I didn't miss things!

Discussion started by ghostwolf47 11 months ago



My name is Sabrina and I was just checking in to make sure I didn't miss anything.  As of yet, we haven't had to submit anything have we?  As in, we didn't have to send in the $15.00, take photos, etc yet?  I don't get on the computer as much and I have been very sick lately between the flu and spinal issues so I get on here when I can. I try to follow the discussions as they come through our email as well.   I have printed out the instructions, so I do understand the size, label and optional hanging sleeve etc.  I just wanted to make sure like everyone else, that I haven't missed anything or any submissions because I would be so very upset!

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks! I will keep a lookout. I appreciate the information!
10 months ago
Sabrina - Wendy posted yesterday that photos of quilts would be submitted in March, and details would given in February. Just keep an eye on the newsletters as they will announce there if there is anything significant that we have to do. Hope you are soon better.
11 months ago

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