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Press cloth

Discussion started by JudithA 5 years ago

Tip.  This is something I learned from my clothing construction courses.  Plain silk organza makes a great press cloth.  You can see through a silk organza press cloth easily, and it can take a hot iron.  

If you are pressing wool, it keeps the wool from turning shiny.  If you are pressing cotton or linen with starch, it keeps the starch from scorching and turning brown. 

It can get brown and grungy-looking over time if you use starch as I do, but it cleans up nicely in the washing machine.  The only time I scorched the silk organza while using it as a press cloth was when I got distracted and I left the hot iron sitting on it.  

It has to be plain silk organza - not the polyester organza you can buy everywhere. 


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And if I don't need to see through, or I need an applique style pressing sheet, parchment paper is wonderful.
5 years ago